Online and Offline Law Firm Marketing Tips

Tips On Marketing Your Law Firm

More than anything else, a law firm is a business that provides legal services to its clients. And just like any other business, it needs new clients all the time. And the only way to acquire new business is to set aside at least 200 hours of marketing every year. But how do you spend those 200 hours? Read below for some tips.

The first step in the right direction is to set aside a budget for your marketing efforts. Most marketing experts agree that your marketing budget should be 2.5% of your revenue, EXCLUDING the salaries of the people in the marketing department. You spend the money on the following:

* Website building and maintenance – Nowadays, it’s impossible to enjoy any credibility without a website. That said, if you don’t have a website yet, make it a priority to build one. Write relevant content that will TELL potential clients about your services. The content should also SHOW to clients you know what you are talking about. And you can do this by publishing information-rich content as well as content that directly answers client questions about relevant topics.

On your website, make sure to have an email capture form.

* Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Once you’ve built a website, it’s very important that you optimize it for the search engines like Google, in a process known as SEO (data source @ We do not need to tell you, but people take to Google if they are looking for products and services. You will be missing out on opportunities if your website is not found when someone in your local area is looking for the specific legal service you provide.

* Advertising – Advertise on Google Adwords, Facebook, and other platforms. We don’t need to explain the importance of advertising here because it’s too obvious. The businesses that have an unfair advantage over their competition are the ones that market themselves to their target clients.

* Referral Network – Simultaneous with building an online presence, you should take the time to build a referral network. You start by asking your current clients for referrals, or the names and contact numbers of people who might be interested in your service. Ask that referral for more referrals, no matter if they use or service or not.

To build referrals, make sure to have a full-time staff attend to the phone making calls.

Aside from your current clients, you can build a referral network by joining trade associations. By trade associations, we are not talking about lawyer organizations. We are talking about groups that your target clients would belong to. For example, if you specialize in corporate law, make sure to join your local chamber of commerce. Trade associations are special in that a partner at your law firm should be the face of your organization, not your rank-and-file staff.

The combination of offline and online marketing strategies should help you get more clients than ever before.